“China in Town – The Present and Future of the Australia China Relationship” business forum is an exclusive follow up event following the G20 Summit and President Xi’s visit to Australia

The event is part of Chinese Cultural Festival in Australia 2014 will address about the recent APEC in China, G20 Summit, President Xi’s visit and the opportunities and challenges arising with Chinese economic boom. The event speakers include renowned China experts and highly respected professionals engaging in the Australia-China space people. Keynote presentations, panels and discussions will cover updates and insights about the recent international summits and the Chinese presidential visit as well as real life experiences in the engagement of China enterprises going global and their first hand stories in cross culture communications.

In the past 30 years, there is dramatic growth in Chinese enterprises investing in Australia, particularly in mining sectors. In recent years, the investments have seen a more diverse trend in Australia, expanding from the traditional mining areas to food, agriculture and etc and it will continue. Due to the differences in culture, economic systems and policies, it is not unusual that Chinese enterprises are experiencing challenges and difficulties. However, as China and Australia respectively have comparative advantage, there will be huge potentials for Chinese enterprises seek for growth and success in Australian Market.

The China Enterprises in Australia Forum honorably invites senior managements from both established Chinese corporations as well as new comers, together with local experts from different industries, to discuss challenges and opportunities.

About 300 participants will be expected to join the forum, among which about 50 delegates are Chinese businessmen who look into exploring operating business in Australia.

– Practical case studies on a successful business Chinese expanding in Australia

– First hand information & advices direct from the Chairman of a successful business expansion in Australia

– Networking Opportunities with visiting Chinese distributors

– Effects on promoting Chinese culture and local social responsibilities


Venue: Playhouse, Sydney Opera House

Date: Thursday 27 November 2014, 1:30pm

Ticket: $105

Bookings: online www.sydneyoperahouse.com or call 02 92500 7777