“Confucius”, Dance with Dignity and Spirit

— by China National Opera and Dance Drama Company (CNODDC)

The China National Chinese Opera and Dance Company celebrate the wisdom and life journey of Confucius in the grand dance drama CONFUCIUS premiering on Tuesday 18 November at Sydney’s State Theatre.

A staple in Chinese tradition and belief, Confucius comes to life in the form of 60 dancers who tell the story of the iconic sage who so drastically changed the moral and political landscape of China.

In a discordant world with a faltering king, Confucius fights to bring harmony and wisdom to the court and the people of China.

Sydney is home to CONFUCIUS’ international premiere, traveling to Australia following a successful two-year run in China.


Venue: State Theatre, 49 Market St Sydney 2000

Date: Tuesday 18 November 2014 7:30pm


Bookings: online www.ticketmaster.com.au, or call 1300 139 588

Inquiry: call 02 9186 1588, 0403 188 733